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A side channel timing attack is when an attacker analyzes how fast a thread executes forex indicator absolution instructions and utilizes that info to work backwards to discover what data was used as input.

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Using these measurements, the researchers were able to work backwards to recover a private key. Instructions will be decoded independently in simpler micro-operations and pipe-lined in the CPU to the corresponding Execution Units.

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Execution Units are the actual silicon areas that are specialized to handle specific operations: i. Every core has a complete set of EUs forex indicator absolution support the whole instruction set, and threads on the same core share access to the EUs.

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EUs are grouped together in bundles each accessible through a port: microops from the two threads are issued to the available ports, and another micro-component, the core scheduler, optimizes for fairness and performance when the same microop can forex indicator absolution issued to different equivalent EUs behind different ports.

These ports are the object of the discussed port contention. Let us for example suppose port five is used by a victim process during a particular crypto operation: while the victim process is not using port five, the spy process running on the other thread will have undelayed access to repeatedly execute on port five; as soon as the victim process issues an operation on port five, the scheduler will delay ops from the spy process to ensure fairness.

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The spy process can therefore measure the forex indicator absolution in the execution of its operations for port five, and determine when the victim process is using the same port. This is the signal that can then be processed to ultimately recover forex indicator absolution private key.

OpenBSD, for instance, already disables it by default since this summer.

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